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We're having a big celebration party over at VegSource!

Posted by: Wendy ( USA ) on June 19, 1997 at 22:59:21:

Drinks on the house! Helen & Dave won! They beat McDonalds! Two people without a lawyer caused McDonalds to spend 15 million to get the start of the worst publicity campaign ever! And I know twenty people who are going to be distributing the leaflet here in San Francisco this weekend to celebrate!
(We threw the tea into the harbor to get rid of the English "legal system" so that we could have free speech over here!)

We're hoping McDonalds will sue some of us over here in good old whacky California, with the most liberal jury pools in the nation.

Think Old McDonalds wants to take us on? Maybe we'll get a movie deal!

Come on over and have a drink at The Pub at VegSource!

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