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Re: Good ol' British Justice

Posted by: Tony Mare ( UK ) on June 19, 1997 at 23:03:18:

In Reply to: Good ol' British Justice posted by Mark Williams on June 19, 1997 at 21:01:21:

> So they lost!

No surprise there. There is no justice - just us.

> Ah well, what can you expect from a judge who decided that the issue
> was too complicated for a jury?

Strange descision on a libel trial which is meant to be about what
THE PUBLIC would think about the alledged libelous leaflet.
Just another example of how the law is an ass.

> The poor lil average citizen can eat at McDonalds but not have a
> valid opinion on whether it's a good idea?

McDonald's don't mind if you hold an opinion, they just don't want you to express those opinions or encourage others to think the same way.
McDonald's don't appear to keen on freespeech do they - accept when its freedom to publish misleading advertisements.

> Presumably he feels the same way about the government? I mean the
> complex issues of the economy are surely beyond the feeble intellect
> of the people... so why give them a vote.. let's just have judges
> decide for us.

:-) Sounds about right. Democracy and Justice - yeah right!!

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