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Re: Why should we pay for this trial?

Posted by: M.Howard ( UK ) on May 22, 1996 at 16:33:24:

In Reply to: Why should we pay for this trial? posted by Ian Davies on May 10, 1996 at 14:18:21:

: Why should the British tax payers foot the bill for McDonald's to
: try and prove that their company has been libelled?

The tax payer doesn't foot the bill, in fact it is the
burger buyer that foots the bill.

: Does anyone know how much it's cost us so far,

Us (as in the britsh tax payer) have payed nothing,
however according to the McLibel Support Campaign
the McLibel 2 have spent about 25,000 since the start
of the proceedings. McDonald's about 2,000 per day
for their top lawyer and about 6,000 on all the rest
of the legal professionals (I am sure the actual figures
are on McSpotlight if you cared to look).

: and who pays what depending on which side wins?

If McDonald's win then the McLibel 2 two would in theory
have to pay both costs and damages, however McDonald's
said they were not going to ask for damages (probably
because Helen and Dave don't have any money). I doubt that
their would be required to pay the costs either and I guess
that if McDonald's doesn't pick up the bill, it may infact
be the tax payer after all.

However, if McDonald's losses, they will have to pay costs
and, due to the counter claim by the defendents, they would
also be liable to pay damages to Helen and Dave.

(I could be wrong - this is all off the top of my head.
I am sure you can find out the answers to these questions
somewhere on McSpotlight itself.)


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