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Posted by: Laura Grant ( Wales ) on June 20, 1997 at 06:27:08:

In Reply to: Where's the original leaflet? posted by Jeff on June 20, 1997 at 06:15:31:

> I like to shape my opinions from facts, not the other way around.
> When I went to the site which supposedly has the infamous leaflet
> which our two little gadflies distributed, I see a lame disclaimer
> which states that the original is "out-of-print."
> Hey, don't take my word for it:
> http://www.mcspotlight.org/case/pretrial/factsheet.html

I check out the page you spoke of and read what you call a disclaimer.
I then scrolled down and read the factsheet you seem incapable of locating.

> Wasn't the original leaflet submitted as evidence in court?

Obviously - since that is what the trial was about.

> You'd think somebody would have the guts to disseminate the original,
> unabridged document here. It is, after all, rather central to the
> case at hand--for the rare few of you here who actually give a rip
> about the facts.

Perhaps you had better spend a little more time using your eyes and your brain instead of your mouth and your fingers. The factsheet in question is clearly available on this site - along with a more up-to-date version in a number of languages. No body appears to be hiding anything - I found links to the factsheet all over the site (you have look around the site haven't you?).

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