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Re: What a Waste of Time and Money

Posted by: Tommy the Terrorist ( Anarchist Revolution, New World Order ) on June 20, 1997 at 12:13:39:

In Reply to: What a Waste of Time and Money posted by Marty Luning on June 20, 1997 at 11:11:22:

Dweeb says: 'when is the obligatory book and "Oprah" interview coming out?'

Answer? There's not going to BE an Oprah interview.

You see, in the U.S. Oprah imagined she had freedom of speech. She forgot that in the New World Order all countries have the same law, and that is that Capital receives every possible convenience.

So when she allowed an activist to come on to her show in 1995, and talk about the dangers of BSE, she didn't realize that in another "state" of the U.S., there had been a law enacted against "libeling a food". It requires that any "defamatory" comment about the food's safety have a "scientific" basis - and of course, that means the same kind of idiot review by a judge as occurred in the U.K. case. There are 13 states with such laws. For a national host such as Oprah, that's 13 McLibels waiting to happen.

No, you don't have to worry. You're safe from free thought. The McLibel 2 won't ***EVER*** be on Oprah.

For more on the American McLibel and other such cases, see my Censored In Chicago page.

P.S. Dweeb says: 'People will still be going to Macdonalds in droves'. Well, guess what? From now on, you can count me out.

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