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Ronald McDonald House

Posted by: Erich Brunner ( USA ) on June 20, 1997 at 13:54:44:

The chances are that you will not want to hear this. I hope, however, in the name of objectivity, that you will read it. Hamburger's are probably not good for you-granted. Fries have too much salt-granted. People who work for a living should make more money-granted. McDonalds , however, is not always the evil monster that it is portrayed as. I would like to make you aware of Ronald McDonald Houses around the country. These are large homes around many hospitals in the USA that make it possible for parents to stay near the hospital if they have gravely ill children at that hospital. For $10 a night, (less if you can't afford the fee) you can stay near your hospitalized child without having to go bankrupt by staying for a prolonged time at say Holiday Inn. This is a wonderful program. Kudos for McDonalds. I don't see any of the other big buck multinationals providing this kind of service. Does this mean that we should ignor all other issues? Of course not. We shold, though, be reasonable to give credit where credit is due. The evil monster that you see, does, at times, show the tenderness of a lamb; and that is a very good thing.

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