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Steel and Morris

Posted by: sarah ( student, canada ) on May 27, 1996 at 15:34:45:

i just wanted to take the time to give these two people my
support. I think what they are doing is incredible and very
courageous. I personally wouldn't have had the guts to stand up
to such an economic empire and I think that these two deserve a
hell of a lot of respect. I think it's amazing that they are
doing so well and I wish them further luck. I hope you drive
the fuckers into the ground.

This year i became especially aware of the major companies that
monopolize our world and I abide strictly by my convictions and
try not to give support to these companies. I still don't know
all about who owns what but with the companies I am aware of,
I stear clear.

Thanks again from all of us, even those of us who don't care or
work for McDonalds, because you are helping to look after our
planet and that is the most noble cause I know of.


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