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Re: Hypocritical viewpoint!

Posted by: pierre duchamp ( canada ) on June 20, 1997 at 15:59:03:

In Reply to: Hypocritical viewpoint! posted by Andrew on June 20, 1997 at 15:22:58:

: : As one of a group that successfully fought a proposed McDonald's development in the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales

: Have you thought about how hypocritical the views of groups such as yours are. The verdit of the trial, with the libel upheld is widely seen as being suppressing freedom of speech. Compaigns such as yours, however, reduce the right of me to freedom of choice - the freedom to choose to eat at McDonalds instead of some quaint, overpriced sandwich & devonshire tea shop as I travel along the highway, without having to wait until I reach Lithgow or Springwood. McDonalds should be allowed to open in any place it wants to (subject to zoning) - and if local residents don't like them - simply don't go there ! Please don't restrict the right of others who actually like (shock, horror!) McDonalds food and convenience.

Are you being serious - are you really being serious?!!

If the location of every McDoanld store was left to 'zoning' then there WOULD be a McD on every road, corner and roundabout - this is their stated aim - to cover the globe in the Golden Arches. I find your attitude to local people exceptionally dim-witted. Local people are the heart and soul of any community and locality. This includes the economic, social, cultural and historical basis to a 'locality's' existence. Therefore THEY have to have the right to say what is and is not good for their locality, they and they alone can value and judge the impact and worth of any development.

Shit man get out of your car and walk around for a minute - you would impose the right for MCD to plonk a McD anywhere they like to service YOU - you who would not contribute to the locality of that McD store beyond buying a piece of crap food, you who would not give a toss for that locality, you who would not know the first thing probably about that locality. Irrespective of what impact that might have on the local trade, community etc?! You are not for any freedom of choice mate - you are for the right to impose, the right to subjugate and circumvent people's rights - you are in simple terms a fascist.

Whereas people campaign openly and within the structures of society against McD - you are advocating a right for McD and other big business to be able to get around the views and opinions of those most affected by their plans - you are mad simply mad.

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