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Posted by: Ginny ( Leeds Green Action, UK ) on June 20, 1997 at 17:45:01:

In Reply to: Mind-numbingly predictable posted by Frank Dobbie on June 20, 1997 at 16:16:14:


While I applaud the fact that you are interested issues like Nestle, I think you're missing the point somewhat. Many of the people who criticised you are interested in lots of issues. I for one have been campagining against Nestle for many years, and have even met up with Nestle representatives and had a debate with them. So I'm not just a petty little food facist. I believe that all issues are interlinked. I don't hate McD's because I'm vegetarian, I hate them because they're exploiting bastards. And as for wanting to see people who work there thrown out of their jobs, well, I worked in a McDonalds when I was much younger. That was before I became aware of eco issues. And let me tell you, 90% of the people who worked there were fucked up. We were all young, didn't think we'd be able to get another job, many people were taking drugs regularly just to get through the week, and ALL of us loathed working there. Sadly, since I left, one commited suicide, two have spent periods in mental asylums, one has had to leave the country because he's wanted for drug dealing, and various others are still stuck there, slowly dying inside. So yes, while I would like to see McD's closed down, I would also like to see those victims who work there gaining the self confidence to see that there is more they can do with their lives.


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