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The case is a fluke and your enthusiasm misplaced

Posted by: Jane McIntyre ( England ) on June 03, 1996 at 20:09:04:

Hello McSpotlight,

I read this on a newsgroup, and thought you'd be interested
to see it. Hope the guy who wrote it doesn't mind.

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I have followed the case of Steel and Morris for a while now
since it is an interesting example of how a huge international
company can misjudge the boundaries of what is legal and what
is moral: it went to a court of law where it could not loose
and ended up in the court of public opinion where it could not

However, the disastrous outcome so far - from the point of the
plaintiff - is largely due to the unique nature of the case. It
will probably not have many legal consequences for future cases
and powerfull plaintiffs probably will not make the same mistake

The case is a fluke and your enthusiasm misplaced. Calls for
civil naughtiness (instead of civil disobedience) are generally
save for those who put out such calls but generally a waste of
time for those who take heed of them. Disputes are often won by
the cunning playing stupid but seldom by the stupid.

Maarten van `t Net

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