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The Postmodern Hamburger

Posted by: Daniel Lutton ( Australia ) on June 21, 1997 at 06:34:05:

I just want to congratulate Dave Morris and Helen Steel for their moral and civic courage. But it isn't as simple as that. "Oh well done" blah blah...there has to be more...

What this verdict and overall case signifies is our individual place in the world. We are all bound and humbled by the strictures and contradictions of global capitalism. We can't for instance deny a McDonald's employee their position and income and subsequent lifestyle. Can we? (I know unemployment too well to be sanctimonious). I don't think so because that opens up another set of moral issues.

However what we can do is think morally and act as morally as best
we can within these structures. I think Dave Morris and Helen Steel's action has provided us all with the inspiration to do this.

I have been thinking about the polemics of the postmodern hamburger for sometime now. It all began when I was very hungry. I wasn't starving as we often figuratively proclaim, but very hungry. I new that McDonalds would be quick and easy. Oh and the free smile. However I made a moral decision.

I went down to a Milk Bar and had a hamburger there. Yes it took longer. But it was better. Beetroot and all. I even had a light coversation with the elderly couple making my food - more genuine than the "smile at every customer" clause in a job description.

Sounds simple and stupid maybe.. but I put money into my local community and had a hamburger with some beetroot! The point is in a postmodern world we still have choices and personal moral obligations to ourselves and others in which we have the opportunity to fulfill.

Dave and Helen, thankyou for the inspiration.

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