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What, in your opinion, is something of "value"?

Posted by: Ashley Lavelle ( Griffith University, Australia ) on June 21, 1996 at 10:10:17:

In Reply to: Why not use your energies toward something of value? posted by Tim Morrissey on May 24, 1996 at 19:31:10:

> McDonald's will fail because of its lousy food
> and poor service. Why not use your energies toward something of value. I
> find it very hard to believe that the resourses invested in this entire
> issue are aimed at such a stupid purpose...to put a company out of
> business for reasons other then those based on capitalism.

> You guys are nuts.

What, in your opinion is something of "value"? Would an adequate description of value be: "directing one's time and energy towards a more equitable and oppression-free society"? or would it be sharing the enlightened vision of "developing marketable skills attractive and desirable to the global economy" (Bill Clinton, 1996 campaign speech)?

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