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Re: McLibel 2 winners in USA

Posted by: Paul Nicholls ( Get real corp., UK ) on June 23, 1997 at 15:46:26:

In Reply to: McLibel 2 winners in USA posted by Sven Siylak on June 22, 1997 at 12:41:48:

: Although the US laws allow "freedom" to employers (I am one) as no European or developed Far East nation does while ignoring the mere concept of employees' rights, many US corporations are very responsible. Many do things they are not required to do by law and quite a few do more for their employees than European or Japanese companies (required by law) do. Quite a few American companies are very environment-friendly or at least try to be.

: McDonald's is not among them. McDonald's employmemt practices, attitude toward customers, advertising are a subject of constant jokes. However, as far as I know, there was no case comparable to the McLibel in the US (for many reasons, including US Constitutional, strongly defined freedom of speech). What did MCLibel folks achieve? - well they got on the first pages of the New York Times and most major American newspapers. The reaction to the end of the trial was very much anti-McDonald's. May be they lost in Britain, but they won in the United States.

: Sven Siylak, IBIA

>mmm. not very well thought through Sven.

>If you were an employer the size of McDonalds you would come in for stick from jealous sorts, or, just plain nutters desperate to argue about something ill informed as they are.

You talk about explotation? Why not channel your energies into the terrible time children are having in Uganda, Pakistan, Brazil and many others working for pennies foraging for food and having to fend for other very young children often having no home.Do I care? Yes,as a matter of fact I do. Rather than spout off on the internet about it I give money to help - do you?

Exploitation of kids here in the Western world is rather different.If my kids pester me for a 2.00 gimmick with BigMac then OK, if I feel pressurized (and I don't) I'll say "no".

I don't know if you're a young man or have children, but, when my kids moan and groan for a pair of 80.00 trainers I see exploitation in action. I can guarantee that you will have a T-shirt, trainers, bag or whatever with a branded name.

And you argue about a Big Mac?

Get real.

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