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Re: Why do you bother?

Posted by: Paul Nicholls ( get real corp, UK ) on June 23, 1997 at 15:50:03:

In Reply to: Why do you bother? posted by Caroline Toomey on June 23, 1997 at 10:56:04:

: Oh, damn. I thought; here's a lawyer and he's going to say something interesting. But it was just another freaked out, fuzzy-minded fool who thinks McDonalds needs to be defended. Why do you bother? They don't need your arguments, just the money you spend on burgers.

: I'm really surprised that I feel I need to point out to a lawyer that it was McDonalds who sued the defendants for daring to criticise them, not vice versa. ie: it's McDonalds who are anti free speech. What on earth do they do with all the money they spend to educate you?

Well Caroline, I suppose I could start with your split infinitives.

You've very obviously misunderstood me - I relish free speech, but, if it's unlawful and uncivil (i.e. outside the boundaries of that permitted legally) then it's clearly wrong.

If I suggested for instance that you had been slepping around, had a low intellect and did disgraceful and vulgar acts then I'd expect to be sued for Defamation. If it were true then fait accompli. (that's French)

Caroline dear, GET REAL!!

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