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You lose

Posted by: Frank Dobbie ( none, UK ) on June 23, 1997 at 15:53:49:

In Reply to: Do It Yourself posted by Jane on June 23, 1997 at 00:37:10:

: Frank

: If you feel so strongly about Nestle why don't you do something about them yourself?

But I do! and have been for many years, but what I *personally* do
is not the issue here. The issue is one of priorities.

> Perhaps if you research and write a more detailed section on the
>company, McSpotlight will be happy to put it on site.

But they don't need me to do that, there's already a ton of stuff on
the net, however you were all too busy chasing the corporate clown.

: Why criticise others for what they are doing.

Because, when you engage in a paper tiger hunt like this, other -
possibly more worthwhile campaigns - suffer. To take a cynical view,
if the amount of time and effort poured into this non-issue were
turned instead on Nestle, how many 3rd World childrens' lives could
have been saved? How many children did the McLibel campaign leave to

I said in my opening article that I considered this as a trivial and
unimportant issue on the world scale. I still believe it is. You lost
and now you are wasting yet more time engaging in 'spin-doctoring'
trying to turn defeat into victory. Forget it, it's gone. A campaign
against a burger company or one against a company which kills children?
There's no contest, the McLibel issue pales into insignificance when
compared with real world issues of today and is just an unneccessary
distraction. If you want to pursue corporate giant, pursue one which
does real damage, not one who's main crime appears to have been to sell
crap food and been the subject of a rumour campaign.

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