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Re: Taking up the anti-Mac cross

Posted by: Kim on June 23, 1997 at 16:48:48:

In Reply to: Taking up the anti-Mac cross posted by Paul Nicholls on June 23, 1997 at 09:55:44:

: I'm sure that most of the kids who submit to this page really haven't got a clue about why they feel so anxious to take up the anti-Mac cross.

: You might be interested to see my cynical views "So who were the real winners" posted further on down the page.

: I should post another message "who were the real wieners" but I'm afraid I've forgotten the name of the crusading couple, and, to be fair I really do think there are more worthwhile issues to debate.

: Paul.

Dear Paul

You say that 'there are more worthwhile issues to debate', yet I have read at least half a dozen contributions from you to this debate. Why don't you go off and debate the more worthwhile issues?

Apparently you are a lawyer. I hope to goodness you never represent me, because logic doesn't seem to be your strong point. To take one of your many comments, you say that exploitation of children in the Third World is a very important issue. So it is. But the destruction of rainforests, the pollution of the environment, cruelty to animals and the underpayment of the workforce are also very important issues. It hardly seems reasonable to say that there is only one issue in the world today worth campaigning on - and of course Dave Morris and Helen Steel are veterans of many different campaigns. (By the way, I don't think they are a 'couple' and it is misleading of you to refer to them as such.)

Or take another of your points - that their activities will be forgotten in a few years' time and McDonald's will flourish. No doubt McDonald's will flourish - they are an immensely rich and powerful organisation. Helen and Dave are simply two unemployed people. But unlike the rest of us, they decided not to sit back and take it when faced with a bully. Many of us, myself included, are immensely grateful to them for their courage and determination. They will not be forgotten. On the scale of things, it may seem as if they haven't achieved very much - but in comparison to others who have been intimidated by McDonald's, they have achieved a tremendous amount. They've convinced a judge to rule that McDonald's is cruel to animals and exploits its workers - something no-one else has done. That information has gone through the world and reached many people who wouldn't otherwise have known about it.

Perhaps before you submit another facetious message, you ought to sit and reflect on the contribution made by others with greater ideals and principles than yourself.

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