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Minimum wage jobs useless for most

Posted by: chickadee ( Allegheny Earth First!, U$A ) on June 25, 1997 at 01:03:28:

In Reply to: Congrats to Mcdonalds!!! posted by Ron Dixon on June 20, 1997 at 15:20:08:

: Mcdonalds has done nothing wrong, unlesss you count making thousands of jobs for people all round the world. Stop moaning you lot and do something constructive with yoir time.

Does anyone remember Bill Clinton's State of the Union address when he proudly proclaimed Burger King as one of five corporations that was stepping up to provide jobs to welfare recipients? i literally threw my shoe at the TV set! What was he thinking--that a minimum wage job (all of them) at BK is going to support anyone? Sure, min wage is quaint if you live in a one-room box with your parakeet, but not if you have children to raise.

Ok, ok...enough of my ramblings. Providing min wage jobs to teenagers in funny little hats isn't something McD's can really be proud of...

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