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publicise criticisms, but make sure they are true

Posted by: George ( UK ) on June 25, 1997 at 10:06:07:

In Reply to: It was a mistake posted by Malinda on June 24, 1997 at 23:07:27:

: It was a mistake. McD thought that they could scare the Two into silence by threatening. McD is just one of big multinational monsters out there who would not stop at anything to make profits. You have to take them on one at a time. Their great sin is not that they are big, international and successful; their sin is their business pratices. (Did you read the Judge verdict at all?)

Yes, I've read bits of the verdict, and yes it was a BIG mistake on the part of McDs. I agree that they are wrong in claiming nutritional benefits of their product - don't know why they ever did. I certainly don't go to a McDonalds because I feel it is part of a healthy eating diet. I think of it as a treat, much like a cold beer, a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake. OK, so I don't eat a totally healthy diet. Folks should make factual information about foodstuffs available, but to tell me that I am evil because I enjoy certain things (legal things, that is), or that the company which sells me these items is evil smacks of preaching; something I've never been too keen on.

Yes, publicise criticisms, but make sure they are true and your case is stronger. By coupling accurate criticism with falsehhods in order to make a blanket condemnation of an organisation is wrong.

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