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We are all guilty!!

Posted by: EEE ( USA ) on June 26, 1997 at 09:49:22:

I realize that a lot of the attacks on McDonald's are for "murdering" animals and paying low wages. But, if murder is the taking of a life, than aren't vegetarians, "murdering plants"??

If people who eat at McDonald's are guilty of supporting low wages, than are vegetarians also guilty of the same exploitation of farm workers or workers that get paid very little to pick these vegetables? How many of these workers are paid overtime?? How many of these workers are given decent working conditions? I haven't heard anyone come to their defense. And what about all the pesticides that are sprayed on these vegetables which harm our environment, are ingested into our systems, and harm the animals in surrounding areas?

If you ask me, we are all just as guilty as McDonald's, including anyone and everyone that lives on this earth, of doing our own little part in harming the environment. And anyone that has purchased anything from nearly anywhere, is guilty in some form of supporting these multi-national cooperations, that MCdonald's represents, whether it's a car, a computer or a widget. And, do any of you go to your local grocer and investigate the conditions that your meat or vegetables were preped under? Do you have any idea what the conditions of your grocers suppliers are? I seriously doubt it!!! so, he whom is without sin, let him cast the first stone!! (OOOPS, A LOT OF YOU GUILTIES ALREADY HAVE)

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