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Hello and best wishes

Posted by: Dave Morris ( McLibel defendant, UK ) on July 01, 1996 at 01:52:10:

Hello to the people reading, and even better writing to the
Debating Room. Its late at night (2am) and I've just been taking
a little time out from case preparations (it never ends!) to dip
into some of the informed discussions and controversy in The
Debating Room. Its particularly interesting to read of people's
personal experiences (for example of those who've worked at
McDonald's - see 'McDonald's Workers' section).

I thought i'd send my best wishes to everyone, and especially to
all those who care about the issues which we're doing our best to
bring out in our trial.

Last Friday was the 2nd Anniversary of the start of our marathon
trial - and it was GREAT to see a big protest outside and a
packed courtroom inside.

With the odds being completely stacked against us from Day 1, it
is the overwhelming international public support we've received
which has given us the strength and enabled us to fight back
successfully against corporate censorship.

Together, people are more powerful than chequebooks and lawbooks.

In solidarity, and for a decent future for our planet..

Dave Morris

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