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it is possible to be Judgment Proof

Posted by: Tommy the Terrorist ( Anarchist Revolution, New World Order ) on July 02, 1997 at 14:15:38:

In Reply to: tarnished and badly thought through argument posted by Paul Nicholls on July 01, 1997 at 10:35:20:

: I honestly think that there may be some legitimate arguments for and against McD's and I'm entirely neutral, but, let's face it when radicals who openly sneer at authority and stick two fingers up to society harp on like you they hardly do their cause well..in fact they positively damage it!

What a tarnished and badly thought out ...

The fact of the matter is, we have seen that it is possible to be Judgment Proof. The real McLibel defendants, the two brave people who actually stood up to the madness of a corporate libel trial - they stated their case in eloquent terms, and then "lost" the civil suit under the biased terms of an aristocratic law. And yet we see that McDonald's does not dare to collect the cash! The judge spent years of his life to obtain this verdict, and still he has neither the power nor the respect commanded by Emperor Norton of San Francisco during his legally unsanctioned reign. It's not because of poverty, or loopholes - it's because the defendants were right, they knew they were right, and they would not be ruled.

What McDonald's has to show, in money or in reputation, for this struggle, is more a topic of amusement than debate.

If heroic people, like these defendants, are able to crack the barriers of censorship, and bring an enlightenment of serious debate on all issues to the public, so that people can believe and act according to their beliefs in confidence, then surely the day will come when all the world is made of people who will not surrender, and who cannot be ruled, and all the judges, all the kings, all the legislatures, all the important people of the world, will be utterly without power.

It is with such awesome weapons - love, faith, hope, resolve, courage, justice, and the thirst for freedom - that the anarchist Revolution will be won.

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