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Livestock farming and pollution

Posted by: M Lawless ( PLF, London ) on July 02, 1996 at 10:07:02:

In Reply to: Omnivores vs Vegans posted by Bob Gary on May 04, 1996 at 16:43:16:

For an objective opinion ; Livestock farming is the biggest single source of both river pollution and the biggest of 'greenhouse gases' in the U.K - yes bigger than the car .
If we Didn't waste so much space in the inefficient production of protein through the torture of sentient beings there would a lot more space for roads , fields , food and parties.
And we could grow hemp to power our cars with methane - a fuel source that turns CO2 into energy and produces oxygen!!!! - as well a being second only to the ubiquitous and unhealthy soya in protein per acre it has 100's of other uses.

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