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Class Action Against McDonalds For Sex Discrim.

Posted by: Eric Shore ( Miami, FL, USA ) on July 07, 1997 at 18:38:25:

I am a 43 year old news reporter in Miami, FLorida.

I recently learned that my daughter, who started working at
McDonalds when she was 16, at $4.80 an hour, is complaining to her
managers, now at 18, that other men that have come into the establishment after her are making from $5-$6 an hour while she still remains at $4.80 an hour.

Especially as a news reporter, I would like to help in preparing a class action suit against McDonalds, and would appreciate hearing from anyone else involved in this direction.

There was also a case of when my daughter was attacked by a group of teens on the McDonald's property, on duty and in uniform, and when she returned inside the building, bloodied, no one there called rescue or police. The teenager who did the attack was found guilty on battery charges, but McDonalds has yet to account for this. She also tells stories of older men working in the kitchen area constantly sexually bothering her and being hit upon by manager who slip their phone numbers into her pocket asking "Dinner Friday?"

Anyone interested, let me know.
Eric Shore
The Miami News
eMail: EricShore@aol.com

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