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Educating/ warning people about McD's enormous influence

Posted by: Tim Watkins ( Canada ) on July 05, 1996 at 12:49:34:

In Reply to: Why not use your energies toward something of value? posted by Tim Morrissey on May 24, 1996 at 19:31:10:

I think that if you asked Steel and Morris, they
could tell you plenty of things they would rather
be doing than justifying their criticism of McDonald's.
Some of which, you may classify as "of value".

I believe that they are putting themselves at risk,
financially and legally, because they see the enormous
influence that the corporation wields over the
general public and want to educate/warn people about it.
Your assertion that McDonald's will "fail because of its
lousy food and poor service" is at odds with the fact of
billions of dollars the corp. is raking (yes, raking) in
each year.

I believe that they will ultimately win the case and
people around the world will be more aware of McDonalds'
practices vs. their "policies". Whether people
finally choose to do something useful with that
knowledge remains to be seen.

This is not a trivial issue. Many multinationals
are doing this kind of thing because the name of
the game is maximizing profits at all cost and we'll
keep getting stepped on until we all figure that out.

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