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Anti-Mc campaigners won the day

Posted by: Alex ( UK ) on July 27, 1997 at 13:17:08:

In Reply to: The verdict - good or bad? posted by Joonas Linkola on July 13, 1997 at 12:34:38:

: Could someone please tell shortly did we (anti-McDonald'sists) win or lose in the verdict? Does McDonald's change it ways? Does Steel and Morris have to stop the campaign against McDonald's? There is so much of the verdict pages I can't read them all...

Anti-Mc campaigners won the day. The evidence in court backed up all the criticisms made and campaigners were outside McDonald's stores two days after the verdict handing out leaflets. Even the judge (part of the establishment i.e. a capitalist system which supports the likes of McDonald's) ruled that most of the statements were true. He just took a disliking to some of the cartoons and graphics that accompanied them. But whatever he thinks, campaigners will not be intimidated by McDonald's and are going to carry on handing out leaflets so the public can decide for themselves.

In fact McDonald's have now conceeded defeat, they didn't even dare to apply for the injunction they had originally asked for. They knew that it would cause outrage and people would ignore it. And quite right too! Why should McD be allowed to pump out their disinformation but prevent others from telling the truth about what the company does?

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