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Posted by: Alex ( UK ) on August 11, 1997 at 01:05:50:

In Reply to: Doh! posted by Matt on August 10, 1997 at 20:38:08:

: : Why does Marcel Bigger owe 65,000 to Ronald? Please could you tell us all.

: I'll use very simple language. When you lose a court (Big room with judges,
: lawyers, and a jury.) battle, you have to pay damages, (Money for wasting a
: companies time). The 65,000 are damages. Ok any further questions refer to
: "Noddy & Big Ears great adventure"

I thought the Defendants in McLibel were Helen Steel and Dave Morris. Don't remember a Marcel Bigger. Also I thought the damages were 60,000. Is it you or me who hasn't read the judgment properly?
Perhaps you spent too long on Enid Blyton.

Anyway, looks like the McLibel 2 didn't lose a court battle by your definition since they didn't have a jury (as McDonald's was too scared to be judged by the public).

: Second point.
: The statistics mainly come from a book researched and written by an
: independant J.F.Love on the rise and success of McDonalds. Not a corporate
: book, but a sort of biography of Ray Kroc. Ok?

: But your right McDonalds is in serious danger of going out of business! (note the irony in the text).

I've read J Love's book as it happens, and I don't think it's particularly independant. Although I wasn't questioning your statistics in fact, just explaining how they've come about. Through deception and exploitation.

Even the grandest castles can crumble away if they're built on sand.

P.S. re time wasting, I think you'll find, if you read up on it, that it was McDonald's that issued the writs and took Helen & Dave to court. Therefore if the company wasted time it was the company's choice. The McLibel 2 didn't ask to spend 3 years in court I'm sure.

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