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Posted by: Matt ( Grey Matter, UK ) on August 29, 1997 at 00:51:06:

In Reply to: Got any argument to support that? posted by Cathy on August 11, 1997 at 11:46:56:

Cathy, Sorry love to chat but I'm a bit busy right now. I've been chopping down the rainforest all morning, and this afternoon I have to slaughter some highly sensitive cows. It;s all go go go, because tonight I'm putting tax up for the poor. Maybe if I get a chance I'll import some illegal imigrants to stich footballs for me. Oh yes, tommorow I'm buying a green belt and building chemical factories. Next month I'm closing down the NHS.

Well guess you will check all the messages and write back in the next 5 minutes.


Love Matt

P.S. Bingo is early this week, 6.30pm

P.P.S Please find enclosed plaster to mend your spectacles.

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