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hero's of our time #43

Posted by: Romani ( the reconstruction of the viaducts, multi-barriered ) on October 25, 1997 at 04:00:15:

In Reply to: a hero posted by Matt on October 24, 1997 at 23:54:10:

: George you are a hero among this bunch of raving anarchists.

I didn't realise it was brown-nose day! well then here's my top five for a facial tan:

1. magaret thatcher - her browned tongue is regularly seen popping out of the new tory leaders mouth - I am of course referring to Tony Blair not William Vague.

2. anyone involved in a space programme - it's a fact that in their cv's these days scientists and 'space people' need to have a qualification in brown-nosing for funds whilst ignoring the growing criticism of their actual affluent they spew into our atmosphere.

3. assorted job-worths. this list is evergrowing and is not definitive. you yourself can be a happy worker, realising that you work in exchange for what is hopefully a fair wage that allows you to concentrate on your own life outside of work - however, there is always the one (or more) who thinks their life is THEIR job. the image of ticket inspectors chasing dodgers down the subway, of bouncers laying into members of the public waiting in not so straight queues and of course security guards 'defending' the tools of industrialist boys comes to mind aswell as the cop that finds an itsy bitsy eight on someone and throws the book at them - JOBSWORTHS, pah to the lot of them.

4. god - very browny nose these days as he finds it more and more difficult to con/ guide the people. more and more concessions to various elements previously disenfranchised - women, gays etc, epsecially in the west. Islamic fundamentalists and certain Japanese cults making a strong recovery for him though.

5. Mr Bill Clinton - that nose! Well and truly soiled. Stuck for such long periods up the rears of the car industry suits that the White House has patented an anal breathing apparatus for him. 'Eco' speeches where Bill slides on the effluence of his making by u-turning on emmission promises will leave suck grand skid marks on his presidency.

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