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Broken links on McSpotlight

Posted by: sPiN ( USA ) on November 11, 1997 at 10:18:41:

In Reply to: McDonald's censorship on the web! posted by RAY A KROCK on November 10, 1997 at 11:56:39:

You have alot of good info at McSpotlight, but there's still alot of broken links? ie, the page Beyond McDonald's has drop-down selection boxes. You pick one from the box, it takes you there. But then all the links from there seem to be broken, "not found on this server" error messages.

Are you aware of this problem?

Anyway, thanks for having such a great site put up. The mcLibel story and the motivate my wife and I to take active concern of the issues presented by the Fact Sheet. Helen and Dave's court victory over McDonald's is inspirational to people everywhere.

It's just disgusting the US mainstream press doesn't make a peep about this. I mean, this is the biggest libel case in British History, involving an AMERICAN Company!! What the hell??

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