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Chicken and the egg

Posted by: Yeo ( au ) on July 17, 1996 at 16:10:09:

I fully agree that a high fat low fiber diet is a major cause
of cancer. However I disagree that McDonalds and all the
fast food corp are solely responsible. They do promote
this deadly diet. However, which came first? The promotion or
the craving for high fat diets.

Just 10,000 years ago when
human are hunter gathers, food with high protein and fats are
essential for survival (rather then fiber). The craving for
such rich food therefore are more a inheretance rather
then a mutinational creation. Fast food simply exploited this.

As profits is the prime objective of these mutinationals,
I feel they would just serve whatever food people really
crave for.Take away McDonalds PEOPLE WILL STILL EAT JUNK FOOD.

What I am concern is lung cancer which is the NO.1 cancer...

Hope to see more activities against tabacco companies which
are really selling pure death for profits on an addictive
product that have no natural cravings.

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