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doing justice and humanity a favor.

Posted by: Lang Tran ( US ) on November 15, 1997 at 23:51:09:

In Reply to: On the Side of the Road posted by Quincunx on November 14, 1997 at 11:09:47:

: Qx: McSpotlight has but perhaps you haven't read the website thoroughly yet.

I'm aware McSpotlight has raised this issue, you might have misunderstood me. The point is that I think the spirit of the Fact Sheet is is not being adhered to, not even remotely.

I think if activist groups spend half the time creating awareness of exactly how the McDonald's empire tramples on human rights, is a direct cause of much needless death and malnutrition, if they spent half the time promoting this kind of awareness as they did on the rights of cows and chickens, then they really would be doing justice and humanity a favor.

: Qx: If I could protest against the large FOOD chain all the way up from one-celled creatures to kelp-gulping whales to human beings for killing animals and falsely advertising that they do this for starving children then maybe I'd get committed to a state prison by Americans.

: Since that has already happened (the state prison part) I'd probably feel right at home and could feel nostalgic about my twenties. McDonald's served McMeals in one corporate prison I was in. Most of us felt like starving at that point. So much for freedom of choice and those starving children on the outside.

I'm not suggesting that people protest the Food Chain, so your half-baked response
here is not a serious one. Your story about you being served McMeals in state prison is pretty funny, but don't waste my time with your stupid jokes.
If you don't give a damn about dying children, well that's your 'freedom of choice.' Personally, I don't think it's something to joke about.

What I am advocating that people, anyone with a conscious make this much more of an issue, the connection between genocide and starvation, the connection between McDonald's and those little kids on TV who die from malnutrition and preventable disease.

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