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conscious-raising WITH action and lots of it

Posted by: Lang Tran ( US ) on November 15, 1997 at 23:52:58:

In Reply to: consciousness-raising without action posted by Gideon Hallett on November 13, 1997 at 13:41:26:

I never brought up the issue of who is the biggest abuser of human rights,
so I don't know what you're talking about there.

I don't agree with your position on Tibet. You make it sound like
the Chinese are the Nazis and the Tibetan people the Jews.
This is typical media exageration. What you say about Chinese
starving and torturing is true, but it is not applied indiscriminately
on to the general population. The Tibetan victims of torture are the
outspoken dissedents, not the general population,
so please don't exaggerate (according to many sources, people who've
actually been to Tibet, according to former US President Jimmy Carter,
for example (see Mr. Carter's article
"Why We Should Not Demonize China".)

Most of the governments in the world are involved in atrocities. That's true,
but you fail mention that behind all these unpopular, corrupt governments is the
US pulling the strings. I don't think its fair to portray these governments
as independent from the United States, because almost all these vicious
governments would never exist if it weren't for the US
putting them there in the first place.

As for the effectiveness of 'conscious-raising', there's a big difference between
Tibet and McDonalds. When more people understand the connection between McD and death
and starvation, they can do something useful about it immediately, like stop
eating at McDonald's, even stop eating at fast food places in general (a relatively
simple but effective act of defiance). If people
want to do even more, like take it to the streets in demonstrations, that's there right.
The stinking FBI or CIA didn't stop Dave and Helen, and I sure as hell ain't
afraid of the stinking bastards. If they even try to stop it, to hell with them, they're the
ones who are subverting the Constitution, they're the ones subverting the truth, not me.

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