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Anti-McDonald's Day of Action

Posted by: Mary Bradwell ( UK ) on August 01, 1996 at 10:50:13:

A friend told me that somebody (either the McLibel Support Camapaign
or London Greenpeace) will be organising a national day of action
against all the McDonald's stores in the UK on some day in
October. I would like to get involved with this. Is there any
information on the site about how to get involved? If not,
who should I contact? Who is organising the day etc?


McSpotlight replies:

There will be a day of action on this year's World Anti-McDonald's Day - October 16th.
Loads more information about it will be available on McSpotlight shortly - for now, you can 'sign up' to help with the leafleting via the Anti-McDonald's pledge page. Hundreds of people have already done this, and their contact details have been passed on to their local area coordinators who will contact them nearer the time.

Happy leafleting.


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