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Boycott McDonald's

Posted by: Caleb Prichard ( USA ) on December 27, 1997 at 11:20:54:

McDonald's should be stopped because they are making a stereotype out of all medium sized cities in American. With help from other huge franchises they ruin a town's identity and flavor. All suburbs and medium sized towns feel and look the same.

Worse, they go over seas and dominate local businesses and ruin the flavor of a culture, all in the name of money and cheap food that will kill you. Nothing I hate more than to go on vacations trying to experience a forign culture and see the town dotted with McDonald's.
They go anywhere where they can make money, regardless of the location, even if it threatens foriegn cultures and local businesses who put flavor, hard work, and human value into their shops.

McDonald's owners have no creativity in their work or in their food. By being cheap and doing the same thing as everyone else they can thrive.

To me, all huge chains are helping to ruin culture, creativity, and quality in all societies they sweep into.

Boycott huge, cheap franchises!

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