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Mcdonalds presence in schools - support for the Mclibel two

Posted by: Abby Hoffmann ( UK ) on August 04, 1996 at 12:11:42:

Dear Phil and Helen,

Just to add my support to your campaign and to say how disgusted I am with Mcdonalds continuing presence in UK schools under the guise of "caring about education". At a north london secondary school where i have just finished teaching, McDonalds sponsor awards for good work and behaviour, and free meals and vouchers are given out as incentives. Given that a large proportion of these school kids are eating in McDonalds, and will probably go on to work in Mcdonalds, it seems like they are tapping into a rich resevoir of young consumers and future workers. I found this to be incredibly distatesful and made my opinion known/ Needless to say no one was very interested and the general feeling was "where's the harm? Its odd how Mcdonalds don't target schools in affluent prosperous areas, but only where there is a high afro-carribean population?? It would seem that there is nothing to prevent them from inveigling their way into our young peoples lives.

Anyway just wanted to say keep up the good work, I am heartened to see people standing up for what they believe in. I wish I could get involved and help

In solidarity

Abby Hoffmann


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