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15 minutes of fame or famine

Posted by: Gary ( USA ) on December 31, 1997 at 15:18:09:

I watched most of the 60 Minutes tonight but it was pretty boring. The
company involved was accused of a lot of thing that I myself do and probably 90 % of the people in my country preform on a daily bases. Namely cook . This looks like another attempt to blackmail a company that backfired on the conspirators . Since they had no job , no other life , and plenty of will to spend the public money , they set out to garnish themselves there little bit of reconition , since they were disfunctional in the work environment. They could have chosen and of the British fish and chips industries with the same health and animal issues , but chose insted to go for the most publicy. This proves that this type of thinking is not confined to my country alone.

I have worried that the changes being wrought here for my own good will in the near future result in me having no personal choices . I hope that the issues of the workers involved is realized as a seperate one , that was added to give some credinate to the lible.

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