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Posted by: John Schmitt ( US ) on December 31, 1997 at 15:25:46:

I just finished watching the 60 Minutes spot. Although I missed the first part of the story, I watched with interest as big bad McDonalds took the two out of work people to court and then I jumped on the web site to read in more about this controversy. This whole thing reeks of Liberalism and the Left. Most of the arguments you make in the pamphlet can be said about many companies worldwide. What happened, did these people go into McD's and get a bug in one of their burgers or were their fries overcooked or even worse, cold ? McD's provides many part time jobs for high schoolers and people working their way through college as well as jobs for the elderly and retired in order to supplement their incomes. Not many take a job at McD's thinking it is going to be their life long dream, unless you go into management. If you do, then you are not very bright and probably need to be working in a job like this. In the US, McD's pays a little more than the minimum wage. For doing what the employees do on a daily basis, it is a fair wage. If the Brits do not have a minimum wage law, don't blame McD's but look in your own backyard. The thing that really bothers me the most is from the animal extremists complaining about how these poor animals are being tortured. In the US, it's illegal to torture animals . You get thrown in jail for that. Animals are treated better than people since it is legal to put a coat hanger in yourself and pull a fetus out and flush it down the toilet. What a screwed up world but then these comments are made by people from the part of the world that created a pill that takes the place of the coat hanger. But I guess it's worse to kill a soulless creature for food than an innocent fetus. The only thing I have to say is get a real job and support your dead asses instead of looking for some soft hearted Liberal to finance your Leftist ways.

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