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It seems to me you people are truly insane.

Posted by: Ronald (no relation) ( peoplesickofhippies, Canada ) on December 31, 1997 at 16:30:30:

Here are a few quotes from your own demonstration page, followed by my own comments:

More than 120,000 leaflets were handed out across the UK, and some people returned bags of McDonald's litter to the company as part of the Operation 'Send-It-Back' campaign.

-Isn't it ironic that you are responsible yourselves for killing trees to protest a company which farms the land that you had cut down to print your flyers??? (Note for future: No trees die if you merely stand outside and TELL people your message instead of creating litter.)

A mountain of bags full of McDonald's litter and a person dressed in a 'litter suit' (see picture) made from discarded clamshells, fry cartons, drinks cups and burger wrappers were there to highlight the problems of waste, pollution and litter caused by the company's excessive packaging.

-Isn't polution against you cause??? It seems to me you guys must have had to eat a lot of McRaunchie's to create that much trash; very dramatic!!!

Also in Swindon, some demonstrators went to a Drive-Through McDonald's, and drove round and round asking for veggie burgers each time they came to the intercom!

-Greenpeace condemns cows for poisoning our atmosphere with methane, but thinks nothing of driving automobiles??? (And you weren't even going anywhere?) It seems to me you could have used bicycles or even walked if you wanted to make your point.

One of the passers-by was a street cleaner who said that 70% of the litter he collects comes from McDonald's.

- Wow! If he said it it must be true. After all I'm sure you checked his story. I've met three people in my travels who claim to have been abducted by aliens. (Just because the street-sweeper says it, doesn't make it so.) Note: I would have believed 25%. (Unless it was the day that you guys dumped all your garbage in the street.) Another note: Who would notice that much trash in the streets of England anyways???

You people should really get together and come up with some ground rules for your organization if you want to be taken seriously! The hypocrisy is what destroys your credibility. I applaud your motives, but your means stink.


McSpotlight says:

Sorry but we didn't "create" any of the trash that was returned to McDonalds.
We simply collected it from the streets surrounding the restaurants.

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