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Re: McDonald's and McMunchies Lawsuit

Posted by: Jeri McMassi ( Citizens for the Preservation of the prefix , USA ) on January 05, 1998 at 11:02:17:

In Reply to: McDonald's and McMunchies Lawsuit posted by Carol on December 31, 1997 at 16:42:14:

: I only recently heard about the lawsuit, so I have no opinion of the facts untill I read through more on this website. However I also heard that McDonald's is now trying to sue a lady in -get this - SCOTLAND for using Mc in her business name. If this is true I will defintely boycott McDonalds and so will many others I know. That is absurd!!

Well, she was interviewed on 60 minutes, and they followed it up with an interview with the head of the McDonald clan, who is also pretty ticked off at McD's attempt to lay claim to a name. I have to admit, the McMunchies lawsuit was what did it for me. I thought the London Greenpeace pamphlet to be somewhat inflammatory in places although accurate in many respects, and I got really ticked off at how McD's tries to pass its food off as nutritious, but the McMunchies case was what pushed me into deciding to no longer go to McDonald's, not even for coffee.

Jeri McMassi (Hey, if we all adopt the "Mc" prefix, they can't sue the world)

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