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Re: Weight of evidence shows McD's exploits worker

Posted by: dan tomasevi8ch ( computek, usa ) on January 05, 1998 at 11:55:03:

In Reply to: Weight of evidence shows McD's exploits worker posted by Ender on June 26, 1997 at 19:32:42:

re: policies mc donalds---my wife has worked for mc donalds for the past few months---within the last (2) weeks she has not been scheduled to work--all of a sudden they scheduled her to work tonite!! it's 5:30- pm & they want her there at 7 pm---so, i told her to quit today after they called wondering if she was coming in with only a (2) hour notice.---as a matter of fact mc donalds won't let you send them e-mail on their website ---anyways the store # i'm referring to is located in lyons, il.--# 02547---if anyone has had similar problems --leave some --e-mail---we might have a nice class action lawsuit against the largest corporation in america xcept microsoft !!!!e-mail me !!!

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