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Oprah sued by cattle ranchers-MCLIBEL USA!!!

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, USA ) on January 22, 1998 at 20:44:46:

Today, the trial begins in the case of Oprah Winfrey vs some cattle ranching assholes who are suing her for hosting ashow about Mad Cow disease and saying she would never eat another hamburger after hearing the scientist describe the case for how Mad Cow disease could happen here. Several states in the US have passes "food libel" laws that essentially declare that a piece of fruit or meat can be libelled! Under these laws, if you say that beef is unsafe to eat the ranchers can sue you for lost income. Oprah's lawyers are challenging the constitutionality of these outrageous laws in their defense and this case is considered a key test of their constitutionality. The reason these laws exist is that US food producers, stung by one food safety scandal after another, have decided to cancel the right to free speech where food safety is concerned-rather like making it illegal to say there are not enough lifeboats on a ship after the Titanic sank, instead of making them carry enough boats. It is essential that
this grave threat to freedom of speech be stopped in its tracks, so many people are calling on all Americans to boycott beef products until this case is resolved in Oprah's favor-not to mention the possibility that her own fans will all stop eating beef. If she loses, I DARE the beef industry to screw with me-I say beef is UNSAFE TO EAT- it makes you FAT,it carries E. COLI,and it may ALREADY carry Mad Cow disease. Beef also destroys free speech and burns the rainforest. In addition, by their conduct the industry has shown they have a heart as cold as an iceberg. Let's not let free speech sink beneath the waves. Come on, McDonalds; Come on, ranchers, Just you and me in a court of law.I am judgement proof, so you will get nothing. I'll say it again: Beef is dangerous to eat, beef burns the rainforest,raising one cow drinks enough water to float a destroyer, and the beefindustry is at war with free speech. BOYCOTT BEEF!!!

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