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Bad science by political extremists

Posted by: Ed Owen ( USA ) on February 02, 1998 at 10:19:28:

It is apparent from the ill informed junk I've been reading in this group that few of you have the intellectual power to grasp lifes simplist truths. I cannot disagree more with the trivial viewpoints expressed by many of the posters. How anyone can create links between such diverse and variable events and McDonalds and world hunger suggests that the person doing the linking is indeed the bigger problem. This kind of person is always part of the problem being that they stand on the side lines and complain, or worse perform unlawful acts of petty to severe terrorism upon those of us who are trying to make changes. So called "Animal rights" and other groups choose to impose their narrow and biased views on everyone else. This is the worst form of "Big Brotherness" ever performed in the history of mankind.

The evil of this is the method of using "oh this is good" to mask the true nature of the message. To say that anyone can impose and force their wills and thoughts upon someone else is beyond contempt. These groups would be better served if they could keep to the facts and not their own political ideals. IT would be refreshing to see these groups who preach against the evils actually do something of worth. Instead of bombing some animal research center where is the activist's new and better method for fighting AIDS or Cancer or any other disease? When did the activist's introduce that revolutionary water pump and filtration system for the poor of the world? Say how about those activists and their newly introduced methods of feeding the world? Stop wasting good peoples money on political trash and do something!! Get off your soap boxes and work.

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