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People are people no matter who they are

Posted by: Ryan on February 09, 1998 at 11:06:32:

To all who read this message: Why is it that you have people fighting against one another?? It is quite clear that you have two sides that claim that they want the same things but do they really?? I would like to know why poeple feel that it is their God Given Right to Say Anything that they please. If I said a rude remark about the color of Oprah's skin or the size her waist used to be then that would be slander.

If I said that watching her show was a waste of time only the lazy housewives of America did that would also be slander. Both of these things would probably get me labelled as Racist,Sexist and Prejudice. Is it not also the same thing that has been done to the person who is raising the cattle? Remarks that I have listed I would not say because they are rude, ignorant and without fact. I noticed that a certain man responsible for making a popular line of clothing was said to have remarked about the racial and ethnic origin of the people who wore his clothing in the U.S. right on Oparh's show. The show was immediatly stopped and never aired.

Why?? According to these people who support Oparh's remarks, all people have the right to say what ever they want, when ever they want. So why wasn't this comment allowed to be said. Simply because it was slanderous. All people are allowed to have an opinion, but perhaps they should refrain from voicing it in such an aggressive manner. This comment was not only without complete factual basis but exactly the same prejudice that we as a people are trying to stop. Do you really think that the person who raises cattle wants to have Mad Cow Disease in his herd? Do you really think that they can afford to allow comments like that to be said? I say no. Perhaps someone like Oparah can afford financially to talk like that, but think of the money that will not be put in the beef producers pocket because of it. Oparh can afford to lose a few viewers and a few dollars but not everyone can.

Contrary to popular belief most beef producers (not all) are not very wealthy and you only have to visit with them at their home for a short while to find this out. Certainly if you go to the extremely large ranches then you will see different but is that really being honest? Beef Producers and Animal Right Activists are all people one and the same. They both put their pants on one leg at a time. So why can't people just follow a simple rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you fight against people who insult you because of you race,sex,religious beliefs and all other forms of prejudice, then why is it incompreable that one would not fight against an attack on their livlyhood. Prejudice is Prejudice and if you fight one while committing another then you are a hypocrit and that is all there is to it.

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