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Re: throw away food

Posted by: Nick K. Manning ( USA ) on February 20, 1998 at 10:27:48:

In Reply to: Re: throw away food posted by well maybe on May 06, 1997 at 17:31:56:

:I find that most of the comments from the respondents to be filled with some or a lot of hipocrosy. Since a great many of these McD Nots more than likely grew up eating "happy meals" (just look in an old junk drawer of Mom's and see the evidence of tiny toys)

I submit that the food at McD's and most other establishments has certainly gotten better over time. One must understand that these fast feeders are in the business to provide people with food fast! Not necessarily good food fast. Our sensibilities about the looks of the food in the restaurants vs the ads should be taken up with the advertising companies and not the restaurants.

Lets face facts: The average turnover in the restaurant biz these days is over 200% and rising. They are having a difficult enough time just having a well staffed crew let alone worry about the looks of the food.
Think about it - Does anyone believe they are going to make the restaurant biz a career when you've been slaving over a griddle all day and had to smell like a french fry from the deep fat fryer. No!!!

McD's is just the biggest fast feeder in the nation and so they are also the biggest target of the high and mighty minded folks who most certainly consider themselves to be food critics. I say lets work on a way of feeding the hungry of the world by starting here in the US of A.
Lets take responsibility for a bad situation and work on a solution.
The real issues are with every citizen in these states. McD's bashing is not going to get much accomplished.

I await your comments. Keep it civil! Thank you!!!

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