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This is just totally depressing

Posted by: Heather M. ( USA ) on September 16, 1996 at 18:09:27:

I'm a student in New York City and I saw mention of the
case and this site in the Village Voice. I thought I might
find something to get pissed off about. I did. But I also
found something to feel completely depressed about.
No matter how much bad publicity this case gets,
McDonald's will remain a giant. Why are the people
who are involved in this fight doing this?
Is it something to make them feel better because
they can at least know that they have their values
straight? Because if it's for any other reason than
that, I think they should just give up. It really
seems hopeless and all that crap about individuals
making a difference is true but only if you get a lot
of individuals to join you and let's face it--the
world is not going to turn away from McDonald's.
There are just too many mindless people in the
world who are more concerned about their immediate
needs than larger issues that affect the world.
I may never eat at McDonald's but I don't kid myself
into thinking that I'm changing the world.

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