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Mc Do is much better in the USA than in France

Posted by: Michael Do ( Computer Philosopher, France ) on March 11, 1998 at 09:35:54:

I spent the last 30 years at comparing the Mc Donalds in the world.

In the USA Mac Donald's is not expensive, waiters are polite but not friendly. The quantity and quality is o.k.
so, americans please stop complaining!
a) McD is worst somewhere else
b) You invented it.

In Gernany. Waiters are hardly polite and definitly not friendly.
The quality is average and the quantity is huge, I recommend the maxi milk shakes. But why do they taste like the liquid used to clean the shakes machine? Could someone tell?
There is more diversity than in other countries, don't try to order beer though.

In France Mc Donald's IS expensive. 2 to 3x the US price.
Waiters are sometime friendly but never polite.
The chocolate tube is always blocked in the shakes machine. So choco shakes come vanilla.
The quality is bad and the quantity microscopic.

France is THE country of gastronomy and long waiting lines show how the French all love McDo. So do not be afraid of waiting 20 minutes or 30 people before you are served.
You do not like McDo at home? Please come here and test! cheers.

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