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Posted by: Stratos ( Stratos, Australia the great ) on April 24, 1998 at 18:35:00:

All I want to say is that I've heard a little about McLibel in Australia, but mostly its beeen kept out of the media as an issue -or rather its a deserving cause of note for the bourgoise weekend paper special interest columns.

What I'd like to say is that I recently went out with a 25 y.o girl (Im 320 who all thought they were pretty radical. But it seems that generation is pretty brainwashed 9 a generalisation I'm sure). However, they seem to champion self-made people like R. Murdoch and
Bill Gates as heroes and role-models, but fail to have any political nous or understanding of the disenfranchising of those not part of the BIG CORPORATIONS. I gave this girl R. Murdoch's bipography to read. I found it ironic, she found it an inspiriation to greater SUCCESS. As an Anglo Aussie, she felt that issues such as cultural diversity, localism, and cultural value were incidental to the achievements promised by the Gods of Globalisation. After all, it will benefit us all.

I'm going to give her Jophn Vidal's "McLibel" book to read, as it offers a deconstruction of how corporatism and globalisation operates.

I hope I mange to change the world.


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