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The Debating Rooms...and Beanie Babies

Posted by: Rex ( McSpotlight, -- ) on May 29, 1998 at 10:37:50:

Dear all.

Unless you're an infrequent visitor to these rooms, you will by now be aware that;

McDonald's has recently started doing the Beanie Baby promotions again.

A lot of people can't get exactly the Beanie Baby they want and are upset about it. They appear to have hopped onto the Web to air their grievances, searched under "beanie baby" and ended up here.

There has been a fair amount of increasingly heated posting about them, despite the fact that they are a very very minor part of McD's operations and are really not very relevant to this site, let alone these Debating Rooms.

In order to save the sanity of our moderators and the anger of regular readers, we feel that it is advisable to reject articles that solely concern Beanie Baby love/hate stories. As such, don't send them to us, as they will be sent straight to the bit bucket (or waste paper bin).

We're not in the business of censorship; however, this topic really doesn't belong here. If you feel differently, mail us.

However, until further notice, posts that are exclusively about Beanie Babies will not get through our moderation process.

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