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Re: The factsheet

Posted by: J. Gonzalea ( USA ) on September 30, 1996 at 15:29:28:

In Reply to: The factsheet posted by Hal Scoggins on September 19, 1996 at 18:14:06:

I could not have said it any better then he did in regards to the
20 Billion Clothing the entire world. But I have to add a few more points.

Your Fact Sheet seem to suggest the we should teach our children to fear
clowns for vile evil enties. I hate to break the news to you but in Chicago
there is a clown and he is call BOZO. Now Bozo goes and does alot of charity
work for children (ohhh! how vile he must be). In fact I still enjoy
watching his show and going to his events. I just can't think of anything
MORE stupid then teaching children clowns are evil.

Finally, according to NASA scientist using your figures on the rainforest
destruction. ALL rainforest have been destroied 5 years ago. I to promote
conservation and reponsible use of the environment but do not promote
disinformation of any kind and I Loath draconian tactics.

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