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McDonalds Anagrams - SPREAD AROUND!

Posted by: Ronald McDonald ( Ubiquity ) on June 15, 1998 at 10:57:34:

'McDonalds Restaurants': Menu's standard, scrotal.
Underclass sat dormant. A smart underclass...... don't.
And darn stale scrotums. Underclass not mad rats?
Ronald? Student sarcasm. Rats! Ronald's dame's c**t!
Start nude Ronald scams. Start nude scams Ronald.
Nutter Ronald's sad scam. A underclass smart? Don't!
Ronald asserts: "Mad c**t!" Trusts sad Roman candle.
Lots redundant? Sarcasm. Cut rats Ronald? Madness!
Damn underclass sat, rot. Adults on sarcasm trend.
Not mad underclass star? Sad scam? Entrust Ronald!
Scrotums and staler DNA. And rat lands customers.
Start mad Ronald census.
C**t Ronald's mass trade.
Mass standard not cruel?

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